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Summer Bridge

All RCLA incoming 9th graders are required to attend a two-week Summer Bridge program. The full-day program is designed to help students make a successful and smooth transition to high school, as well as expose students to our college-going culture and support them on their path toward college acceptance. 

In addition, we hope students can begin to make friends and build community with their peers in the class of 2024.  They will also get to know RCLA teachers and school leaders, upperclassmen and familiarize themselves with our community.  The RCLA Summer Bridge Program will include academic courses, study skills development, and field trips.   

For more information on the Summer Bridge Program, please contact Patricia Lopez at    

UPDATE: Due to COVID-19, we have not set dates for Summer Bridge which normally happens July 13 - 24, 2020. We will be in contact with new students on the status of Summer Bridge and you can also check this site for updates. 

Please be advised that additional information will be forthcoming on the website.