Clubs at RCLA

Adventure Club

The Adventure Club enables students at RCLA to engage in wilderness activities like hiking and camping while building leadership and outdoor skills. Students will grow from the challenges of hiking and camping, they will naturally take on leadership roles and encourage and support each other, physically and emotionally. Most importantly, students will feel more mature and liberated once they explore the outdoors as they leave the social and academic pressures of school and city life behind.


Anime Club

In Anime Club, students may watch, draw or discuss anime and related topics pertaining to the genre. Anime, also known as Japanimation, is an art form and a huge part of Japanese culture and entertainment for all ages. This part of Japanese culture is finally becoming more mainstream here in the United States.  Fully animated features with character development, Japanese folklore, history, martial arts, science fiction, and visually advanced imagery are all part of Anime.   


Travel Club

The Travel Club provides students with the opportunity to travel abroad. Students have the chance to visit countries like Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, and Thailand. Students involved in the club learn about the countries they are visiting and also get a chance to fundraise. 


MESA Schools Programs

Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) helps thousands of educationally disadvantaged students to become engineers, scientists and other math-based professionals urgently needed by industry. RCLA offers the MESA Schools Program to students that are interested in becoming future STEM Majors in College.