COVID Advisory - September 2021

Hello RCLA Families,

Your cooperation in maintaining a safe campus environment for students and staff as well as community families is integral to providing in-person instructional services to all students. We thank you for your patience and cooperation to start the year.

As part of this process, we would like to remind you of a few critical advisory notices for your continued reference and participation:

  1. Ensure all students with illness symptoms or COVID exposure remain home: All students demonstrating COVID symptoms are advised to remain home, inform the school office, get tested, and complete a self-certification form before returning to their school. For more information on self-certification steps, please see our protocol form and consult your school office.

  2. Prepare your students for school by confirming face mask use: A face mask is required at all times on school site campuses (except when eating outdoors). Your student and school staff are also advised to wear a face mask when in public to protect against droplets and COVID transmission. Replacement face masks are available for students in each school site office and classroom.

  3. Schedule all eligible students for vaccinations: Our Community Outreach Team is available at (408) 585-5022 Ext. 1039 or [email protected] to assist in your family’s scheduling of a vaccine (first or second dose). This practice is proven to significantly reduce the chances of COVID transmission.

  4. Avoid attendance to large gatherings (indoor or outdoor): With a recent increase in COVID cases, please consider postponing any travel plans, attendance to events, or hosting congregate gatherings. 

We appreciate your collaboration in working to fortify healthy and safe campus environments for this academic year. We look forward to continuing our partnership with your family in serving your student daily.

In Partnership,

The Foundation for Hispanic Education