Roberto Cruz Leadership Academy

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Uniform Policy

Dress Code


The Roberto Cruz Leadership Academy requires that each student must report to school in our school uniform. Our school believes that uniforms are essential to help students develop pride in their school. In addition, other reasons for requiring uniforms are that they teach students to follow school rules and to dress appropriately for special events. Our uniform policy was also created to ensure that we maintain a positive and safe school climate. Students in uniform are easily identified by our school’s faculty, staff, and visitors, and easily distinguished from Latino College Preparatory Academy students. Below is a list of guidelines that must be followed on a daily basis.



Regular Dress: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday


Students are expected to wear a gray polo shirt with the appropriate RCLA school logo. RCLA school polo shirts are available for purchase at the RCLA administrative office. (Please contact Ms. Sandra Gonzalez for further information: 408-471-4680 x 4002)


Students are expected to wear appropriate black full-length pants- NO leggings/tights. Acceptable pants include Dickies, Dockers or other pant/slack brands. The black pants and polo shirt must be properly fit.


Students are expected to wear only a solid black or white jacket, sweater or hoodie. Imprints/ graphics of any kind are not acceptable. The only acceptable imprint/ graphic is our RCLA school logo or the RCLA t-shirt or hoodie designed in Summer Bridge.


Thursdays - Professional Dress Day


  • Skirt /Pants with a Nice Top
  • Dresses & skirts must be an appropriate length & should not be tight fitting
  • Shoes: no high heels; only shoes with low heels or flats
  • Shoes = strap or an enclosed heel; NO backless shoes or sandals
  • No shorts or any apparel made of JEANS or JEAN-LIKE material.


  • Collared Shirt
  • Ties are optional
  • Nice dress pants with a belt
  • Dress shoes or black sneakers 
  • No shorts or any apparel made of JEANS or JEAN-LIKE material.


Fridays - College Shirt/Sweater Day 


During the summer months and hot days, ONLY students may wear appropriate black shorts (See Student/ Parent Handbook)

On any day, students may wear their RCLA t-shirt or hoodies in place of the school uniform top, but must always wear their school uniform pants.