Roberto Cruz Leadership Academy

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RCLA Main Office: 408.471.4680 ex.4002
Alexis Pimentel, Outreach & Admissions Director
Phone: 408.729.2282
Cell: 408.497.7622

Rafael Escalante, Director of Community Engagement & Recruitment


Phone: 408.585.5022 Ext 1045

Cell: 669.207.6976

Enrollment Timeline
September- March: Application period opened. Acceptance letter sent out.
March: Application Deadline, if waitlist achieved.
April-May: Lottery list window open (*If necessary).
June: Random lottery held, if necessary. Status of application will be mailed to families.
Implementation of Lottery System
When there are more students than space provided by the requested charter school in a particular grade level, RCLA develops a lottery list based on lottery forms.There are a total of 125 students for each particular grade level based on a first come first served basis.
Once the first 125 students are accepted by the end of March, the Admissions Office will notify the remaining student applicants. They will be placed in the lottery list with a window open from April to May. The successful student applicants will be notified by the Admissions Office of their acceptance to their first choice charter school by no later than June.
Students who were denied acceptance to their first choice charter school will be placed on a “wait list” and or will be given the option to attend any of the other two charter schools. Student notification will occur during the months of June through August.
If you wish to read more about our application process, please download our Student Admissions Policies and Procedures.

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